The aim of the gallery-museum idea  is to create a permanent exhibition space and an opportunity to exhibit the authors existing paintings.
The museum could be divided as a place for a permanent exhibition where the exchange of works would take place less frequently and for the
gallery side where the exchange of exhibitions and the completion of works would be regular. It should definitely be possible to sell free paintings
and works of art, which would also help to develop the activities of the gallery-museum. Museum exhibits include authors biographies, interviews,
memoirs and written textual materials, in addition to some clearly of museum value presentation of art tools ( easels, paintboxes and other tools ).
The museum would provide a good cultural overview through three generations estonian painting continuity and future-oriented developments.

It is possible to use works purchased over decades to various art collections and private hands by borrowing them for exhibitions periods.
In this way, the museum could present several works unknown to the contemporary art audience from the earlier periods of both Kalju and
Lemming Nagel.