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    Lemming Nagel

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Lemming Nagel (1948-2016) was born in Tartu. Studied between 1955-1966 in Tartu
Secondary School. In 1967 continued studying architecture in Estonian National
Institute of Art (ERKI), where he went over to painting, which he finished in 1976.
Between 1974-1975 he was working as a decorator in Tallinn's Department Store and
1976-1977 as a teacher in Tallinn's Children Art School.
After that he continued as a
freelance artist until 1985, when he became a teacher for painters in ERKI. From
1993 he continued again as a freelance artist. Was a member of Estonian Artist
Union from 1979. Performed with solo exhibitions from 1978. Participated in joint
exhibitions from 1974, both home and abroad. Was a starting member of Estonian
Whiskey Club ( UBC - Uisge Beatha Club ) and participated in many "Blended" series